Nexus Factory

In 2024, the Factory accompanies some creative paths of Simona Bertozzi, Lucia Guarino, C.G.J. Collective Giulio and Jari, Aristide Rontini, Parini Secondo, ultimabaret (Barbara Stimoli and Titta C. Raccagni) and Giorgia Lolli.

Nexus cultural association, founded and directed by choreographer and dancer Simona Bertozzi, has been investing for several years in the support of authors with established experience (including Bertozzi herself) and of emerging choreographers and young collaborators, in order to establish a small community of active subjects in the understanding and dissemination of the languages of the body and its artistic and scenic resonances, in cultural, social and ethical/aesthetic growth: it is in this project horizon that the activity of Nexus Factory, a dance support body, is consolidated and defined.

“For several years, Nexus has been supporting the work of emerging and experienced choreographers, with multiple actions of collaboration and mentoring, support, organization and co-production,” explains Simona Bertozzi “Since 2020, this substantial part of Nexus activities has been consolidated in the birth of Nexus Factory, a polyphonic organism of presences and multifaceted authorships that orient their path in the sphere of contemporary dance and research performance. Although in the great diversity of signs and poetics of these authors_, all_ are united by a dimension of thought and a desire to adhere to the contemporary creative horizon that welcomes its complexity and the ever-changing dimensions attributed to the body.”

“The choice de_ choreographers_ of Nexus Factory,” concludes the choreographer, “is not operated on the basis of anagraphic parameters, but on the sharing of intentions, on the design adherence. For this reason, there are authors_ under 35 as well as emerging more mature_ and already established paths. It is precisely this attention to the process of interlocution and artistic intention, in consonance with openings and criticality of the current performative language, that distinguishes the community gathered around the Nexus territory, to its becoming a multifaceted action in the national and international dance scene.”

In the past Daniele Salvitto and Federica Francese, Alice Bariselli, Donatella Morrone, Arianna Rodeghiero and Samuel Moncharmont and Giuseppe Vincent Giampino have also been members of Nexus Factory.


Simona Bertozzi

Lucia Guarino

C.G.J. Collettivo Giulio e Jari

Aristide Rontini


Parini Secondo

Giorgia Lolli