Associazione Culturale Nexus was founded in 2008 by the choreographer, dancer and performer Simona Bertozzi.

Nexus born as a reference point of the contemporary dance and research company of the founder and as a link between the choreographic experimentation and the Bologna territory.

Beyond the production sustainment of the company, Nexus years ago became a center dedicated to the sharing of ideas and dance practices, making projects dedicated to the production and the promotion of the dance on the territory and in the contemporary world.

The Association does this kind of activities:

  • Dance shows production and booking

The Association has been supporting for years Simona Bertozzi’ productions, and it actually works for sustain a deep and continue choreographic and authorial research.

  • Professional training and mentoring for young dancers

Nexus deals with high training programs, made by the artistic and professional growth of young dancers.  Events like Volcano give to talented students the possibility to follow training programs with different academics and professionals from all over Europe, in various subjects.

  • Generational change

Nexus selects, supports and promotes three rising choreographers, shadowing them in their artistic growth: Alice Bariselli, Lucia Guarino e Aristide Rontini. This is done by mentoring, administration, management, logistic and booking activities, trying to settle skills and competences.

  • Audience engagement

Nexus aim is to involve and deal with the public, enrooted in the territory in which the Association does the performances, creating a deep and durable connection with the social community. This is pursued by sharing, open rehearsals, meetings with choreographers an authors, projects for schools and Universities, urban events.

  • Dance as an inclusion medium

Nexus organizes projects in which contemporary dance is being used as a medium to share values, experiences and practices. In that way the association deals with the citizenship inclusion for ethnic, cultural and language minorities, sharing anatomic memories and traditions, finding a common movement path. Nexus believes in the universal body as a common structure on which work together.

  • Theoretical and academic research

Nexus organizes events dedicated to the performing arts theoretical research, in particularly to contemporary dance, conversing with critics, researchers, academics and professionals of the field. Nexus wants to give new energy to an academic research on contemporary dance and its potentials.

  • Dance and territory

Nexus aim is to dialog actively with the Bolognese, Italian and European territory. The association wants to facilitate the encounter between territory and contemporary dance, believing in the power of the body language in in the identity construction processes of individuals and communities. For that reason, Nexus promotes activities which are deeply enrooted in the social structure, becoming part of a common culture and contributing to the enhancement of a civil and cultural European feeling.