Via A. Fleming n.6
40141 Bologna (Italy)

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Ph: +39 051 2841103

Administration: Roberto Berti

Ph: +39 347 754 1611


Transparent Administration

Publicity of acts in compliance with the provisions of Article 9 , paragraph 2 and 3 of Decree Law August 8, 2013, No. 91 converted by Law October 7, 2013 No. 112
The positions of Artistic Direction and Organizational Direction are not governed by a specific contract and there is no compensation for the duties performed, nor is there compensation for members of the board of directors.
Legal representative: Marcello Briguglio
Executive: Simona Bertozzi, Marcello Briguglio
Civic Access: civic access to data and the work of the Association related to transparency (compensation, budgets, minutes, curricula, etc.) can be requested by any user to the email Access to data will be provided within 30 days of the request.

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