Aristide Rontini
Cast from the community dance workshop in Imola: Eleonora Bacchini, Lisa Cenosi, Emma Donattini, Gaia Gagliano, Valentina Giberti, Valentina Graziani, Erica Ippolito, Cecilia Marfisi, Sonni Monduzzi, Elisabetta Panzavolta, Giulia Plicchi, Claudia Poli, Laura Principe, Giorgia Sgubbi, Edoardo Tarroni, Jacopo Tarroni, Daniela Zannoni


Episode II Giovane Notturno


“Ai margini del cuore” is a site-specific performance adressed to forgotten or degraded locations of cities. The performers are common people from 7 to 70 years old who attend the community dance workshop “Dance and Body from the periphery”. The topic is on the life in cities’ suburbs, young generation, what they feel and how they interact. One of the inspiration from visual art is the work by the artists Botto&Bruno based in Torino. “At the edges of the heart” is a world in which its humanity appears  suspicious and lonely but also reveal their desire to love and be loved. “At the egdes of the heart” is an ongoing process influenced each time by the different sites where it takes place and from local people who perform it. It is a continuous stratification of experiences that has started from a basic set structure to go to a more and more enlarged, complex and contrasting universe of images from the suburbs.

The premiere was in May 2017 inside a Imola’s Thirteenth Century Cloister under renovation. The project was realized with the support of “Museo Civico del San Domenico di Imola”. It is possible to ask for the same cast or compose a new one. New cast_In this case you want to host the performance and involve people from your area, the community dance workshop “Dance and Body from the periphery” needs to be activated. The workshop can be attended by common people from 7 to 70 years old, with and without experiences in art fields,  with or without disability and professional performers. The time of realization is about 15 working days. The performance will take place in a forgotten and/or degraded place of your area decided together.